"Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished" 

Rundyard Kipling


Reyahmi Poodles is located at Hope Farm, Hope, MN


 I am a hobby breeder. What that basically means is that I dedicate myself to improving on the animals that I am breeding. Breeding quality dogs is a passion of mine and an immense amount of satisfaction seeing one of my pups going on to an awesome home is incredibly rewarding.My dogs are an important part of the family, I do not make a living breeding dogs, they are companions first. I always strive to produce a puppy that is capable of living a healthy and long life with his/her new home. One that is easy to train and can perform a variety of tasks that is given.


I spent several years as a Washington State Humane officer and euthanasia tech at a large Seattle area Animal Shelter. I have seen first hand the horrific conditions some irresponsible people keep their pets and it is a must for me to know my puppies are in good, responsible homes. So while initially contacting me via email is probably the best way to reach me, if you are interested in one of my puppies we will do a phone interview.


I thank the Lord everyday for giving me a loving and patient husband, who while not quite a "dog person" is forever helping me out with chores and assisting me whenever he can. What more can this woman ask for than a man who supports her dreams and helps her achieve them.


I only breed dogs that show they have superior temperament. They must be gentle, kind and willing. A dog's attitude and overall look on life begins with his or her family tree. No aggressive or overly shy/skittish dog will ever make it into my breeding program. 


I only breed dogs that are of sound body. It's not enough to slap two dogs together and call it a day. In a dog that I choose to breed I look for the whole package, but temperament and health are at the top of my list. Parent dogs will be healthy, displaysia free and OFA cleared. I look for dogs with the ability to multiple disciplines and the athletic structure to excel in various sports as a working dog or companion.


I only breed dogs that are structurally correct, no dog is perfect, but I do my best not to double up on faults. I look for good examples of the breed that I am using and hold it up to the AKC standard for that breed. 


I believe all dogs deserve a home of their own to be loved so I never keep more dogs than what can comfortably reside in my home. Because of this philosophy, I may re-home one of my lovely adults from time to time. 

Beware the puppy mills; running several litters of several breeds a year. Huge red flags if the breeder will not let you come out and pick up your pup on site.


"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, Sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

~ William T. Foster