Due to a tragic set of family circumstances, the Freshour family has had to make the difficult decision to rehome their family dogs.
Looking for well trained family companion(s)?
Meet Guiness and Ami. Both are younger adults and it would be awesome if they could be rehomed in the same location.
Both dogs were bred by Reyahmi poodles and they are in excellent health, house trained, groomed regularly.
From the email I received: 

 Guinness and Ami are both obedient, have been well taken care of as house dogs, and groomed every six weeks. They love rough housing with one another and playing with their toys. We have a Bark Box subscription and they go crazy when the box comes! They know what it is. They sleep together in a large wire kennel at night. They are both crate trained and have no problem kenneling up. They are completely house broken. Guinness became “my” dog and Ami attached more to Tammy. Guinness likes men. He also has a prey drive that is controlled but he will eat baby bunnies if he finds a nest of them. Guinness likes to lay down next to me on the couch with his head in my lap. He also likes to play fetch with his toys in the house but won’t chase them in the yard. He is a big dog. 

Ami is more shy of strangers. It takes her a while to warm up to people. She has a wonderful gentle personality. She smiles. She likes to try and get in your lap or lay on the back of the recliner when your sitting in it. She loves other dogs and is very playful. Guinness is more staid. They both respond to positive reinforcement. They get along with our cat well. Sometimes they get a little rough playing with him and we have to intervene but they aren’t aggressive. It would be totally awesome if they could remain together since they have been together for so long but I understand.

Interested parties should contact Lee at