Update 9/17/2021 

Rudy sired a beautiful litter of F1 doodles, some pictures can be found by going to the Available page. These are gorgeous parti F1 doodles and should make excellent companion dogs. The litter owner can be contacted by calling or texting 507-456-6608

Summer 2021

It's been a rough year hasn't it?  2020 and early 2021 will go down in the record books of weird, strange and tragic here at Reyahmi and for many of you. Hold you head up, stay strong, the Lord has got this. 

We are having to rebuild here a bit at Reyahmi and will not be having any further litters in 2021. Summer 2022 looks like it will be the soonest. I have a young Coco x Rudy daughter, Sophie and I  brought in a lovely Rush son and a lovely Julie (Rudy x Reyah) daughter from outside breeders, I'm very excited to watch them all grow.  Stay tuned for pictures.




Autumn 2020

Holy Buckets! Where does time go?  I have a litter due early December of Standard Poodle puppies. They will be ready for new homes in Feb. If you are interested and want more info, please email or call (leave a message please) or text 507-456-0275 reyahmi@yahoo.com



March/April 2020

Pandemic Blues?  Well what are dogs for other than to remind us to live in the moment. Love us unconditionally, no matter what we look like, what our financial status is, or if we are sick in bed. 

New puppies. AKC Standard Poodles..check out the "Available Page" Ready to go to their new homes early May

I will be re-building the website from scratch and I made the decision to go ahead and publish, even though the site isn't complete. If you have questions feel free to call or email or get me through

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Featured Alumni: Bogey 






Humphrey Bogart aka Bogey. Bogey is friends with everyone, he a very social dog. He routinely goes to the office with Carl (his human) and when there he even visits the bank next door.

Bogey loves the outdoors. He enjoys fishing by himself on the shoreline or on the boat. In the winter he loves to go snowshoeing with his humans, in addition to walking on the frozen lake! He loves snow and gets excited when we get his boots out because he knows that means playtime. He also likes his GPS collar. That usually means spending time outside, either hunting or patrolling the cabin!

Bogey has been a great addition to our family. What is even better is his attachment to Grandma. She is 100 years and 1 day older than him. He regularly visited the nursing home when she was a resident. Now he is a regular at the assisted living facility. He visits the other residents and employees.

He enjoys squeaky toys - the louder the better!

Bogey has a special chair on the patio that he will share with humans if they will sit and read with him, he also monitors the neighborhood- he is just plain nosey!

Our family has never had s dog that we all love as much as Bogey. He is intelligent, loving, well behaved yet curious. Yet he can be an imp at times!

I also wanted to add that he has the absolute best temperament.  At grooming they don’t even have to tether him!


***************************************Past Featured Alumni*******************************


Marla Hirn


This is the leader of my pack, Marla. Often people share how their females are independent, maybe too independent. While Marla is an independent girl, I just love how she truly leads the pack. She teaches every new puppy that comes to our house how to play with the greatest of patience and is tolerant to a fault as evidenced by the fact that the current puppy has removed about half of the fur from her tail in this picture. If one of the other dogs does not see where the ball went during a game of fetch, Marla will run out there and point it out to them. When the puppy is learning a new command and can't quite get it, Marla runs over to demonstrate. Such a great pack leader we have in Marla. I love this girl.-M. Hirn (owner of 3, yes three Reyahmi Poodles)