Standard Poodles

  • Are Standard Poodles Hypo Allergenic? 


Most allergies are caused by skin dander. Poodles have skin and therefore have dander. However it must be noted, due to it's hair coat, poodles tend to shed less dander and may be tolerated by those suffering from dog allergies. I suggest to allergy sufferers to visit a poodle and find out if you will have a reaction. Mine are always available to meet and hug.


  • Do Standard Poodles Shed? 

Very little and this comes out when you brush them. Standard Poodles require a lot of grooming, they should be brushed out often. So when your sitting down in the family room watching tv, grab the brush, and the dog and get to it! If you would love to have a Standard Poodle but balk at the grooming, buy yourself a set of clippers and shave the pooch down into a field trim every couple months. Field trims are pretty easy to maintain, however, in a field cut, your poodle will often be mistaken for a Curly Coated Retriever.



  • Are there health issues?

All dog breeds, purebred and mix breeds can have some inherited health issues they are more prone to than say another breed. Standard Poodles can suffer from hip dysplasia, look for a breeder that will warranty the puppy for hip and elbow problems. Healthy, active, dysplasia free parents should only be used in any breeding program. Also know dysplasia can be made much more pronounced by a dogs environment. Taking puppies and young dogs (under 16 mos) for extended jogs before their bone structure has matured can lead to and exasperate hip and elbow issues. Up and down lots of steep stairs can do the same thing. Remember, puppies are like kids and lots of free play time, reasonable walks are recommended. Repetitive stress on joints should be avoided until the dogs bones and plates have closed (around 16 mos). Work up to your work outs, want a jogging buddy? Just like people start slowly and work your way to further distances.


**Standard Poodles can be prone to Gastric Dilation/GDV aka"bloat". Know your symptoms and know that this condition requires emergency surgery to correct.

Click HERE to read up on this condition


Addison's disease is unfortunately found in several dog breeds, Standard Poodles being one. Unfortunately there is no genetic test to rule out a dog being a carrier of the disease and mode of inheritance is undetermined. Addison's is manageable if diagnosed early enough, however it incurs a monthly expense as medication must be given daily. Please Read about Addisons HERE



  • Can I show a parti colored Standard Poodle?You can show your parti Standard Poodle in all UKC events including Conformation. You cannot show your parti Standard Poodle in AKC Conformation events, but can participate in all performance events. When the AKC brought the poodle into the club, at that time everyone was trying to breed out the parti colored poodles and only have solid colored dogs. Thankfully some of these magnificent colored genes survived and more and more breeders are attempting to bring back quality parti colored Poodle


  • Are Standard Poodles good with children?

  • Yes they are. That being said, a small child should not be left unattended with any dog. Toddlers can push a dog past its limits and without proper supervision you can end up with a situation that could have been avoided. I have all my dogs crate trained. My children knew never to bother them when they were in their crates and my dogs learned that their crates were their private space and would go in when they were done playing. I encourage crate training for all households whether children are there or not.


  • What can I do with my Standard Poodle?

Despite the "froo froo" reputation of the poodle, they are anything but end of the leash eye candy. They are excellent gun dogs, retrievers, water dogs, watch dogs, frisbee dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and of course, the best of family companions. They are a jack of all trades and they are truly a versatile breed. They do not smell "doggy"; give them a bath and they smell great for a long time (unless of course they find something disgusting to roll in). Do you have a spouse that balks at the poodle's "froo froo" image? Shave it down, viola, you have a dog that looks like the gun dog it actually is and all the smarts and sensibilities of the Standard Poodle.

  • Are Standard Poodles smart?

Standard Poodles are listed as the first or second smartest dog (depending on the list). This is well deserved; the Standard Poodle is very intuitive to it's owner, and while a clown and often rather goofy, they are a joy to train. However, they can get bored easily and that is when they can find trouble. So give your Standard Poodle plenty of your own time, toys and things to do.


I believe the Standard Poodle is the ultimate sporting dog. In UKC events, it is shown in the Gun Dog group. I believe the AKC did a disservice to the breed when they placed the athletic Standard Poodle into the Non-Sporting (Companion) group and require exhibitors to maintain the hard to manage continental clip in order to show. Many breeders stopped looking for the wonderful hunting and retrieving abilities of these dogs and started to breed only for conformation, no longer searching for its hunting prowess and working dog abilities. Thankfully it can still be found, among some lines more than others, but it can be found.


Standard Poodles are indoor dogs (must be given adequate exercise). Kept clean, they do not smell, do not shed and make the best of companions.


  • What do you feed?



I feed American Natural Premium Exhibitors Choice blend to all my dogs, puppy to adult it is an all life stages food and ALL of my dogs do wonderfully on it, I highly recommend this food for people who can get it. My puppies are weened on Granma Lucy's Artisan then switched over to Candidae All Life Stages(dry). I chose to wean my pups on this product as so many families live outside the distribution area of American Natural Premium, and the Whole Earth Farms can be found in a variety of national pet stores, chains and Fleet Farm. There are many good foods out there, learn to read your labels and do some research on this important topic. It will pay you back in spades with less poop pick up, healthier coats and vet visits. Not all foods will work for all dogs, you may need to experiment. STAY AWAY from Grocery stores, there you will find the junk food of the dog food industry. Find good food at your pet stores and local feed stores. Stay away from corn, wheat in the first five ingredients of the label. Stay away from any meat by-products , instead look for "meal", such as chicken, beef, pork, duck, meal as the main ingredient (first on the label).